Outdoor Comes Alive at WestEdge 2024

Always A DESTINATION, the outside area at WestEdge is a hub of activity and extension of exhibiting opportunities. This fall, we’re expanding the showcase of outdoor living products with unique vignettes featuring furniture, grills/kitchens, umbrellas/shading systems, fireplaces/fire pits, and lighting, all in an authentic open-air environment.

  • Each vignette measures 600 sq. ft.
  • Brands are encouraged to align with an interior or landscape designer to help curate the space
  • Exhibitors may host programming and hospitality, such as grilling demonstrations and cocktails (all programming to be vetted and approved by WestEdge management)
  • Participants should plan to staff their space, distribute product literature, etc. as they would with any traditional exhibit space
  • WestEdge Xteriors will be a significant part of the fair’s media plan with boosted engagement and exhibitor promotion, including a People’s Choice competition
  • Exhibitors can take advantage of WestEdge-provided artificial turf, landscaping and lighting (or plan alternatively for their own customized look)
  • Pricing:
    • $16,000 per space
      • Space cost may be split between up to 5 brands; participants may either “own” the entire footprint, curate their own partners, or contact us about match making with complementary partner brands (for sharing of space cost)
      • We envision outdoor furniture comprising 400 sq. ft. with outdoor appliance / kitchens occupying 200 sq. ft. per space

Contact us at 917.822.0350 or Megan@WestEdgeDesignFair.com to learn more.