Design Conversations & Panels

We partnered with Convo By Design to host a full schedule of  panel discussions and thought-provoking conversations on the Wescover stage last fall during the launch of WestEdge Dallas.

Leading names in the design industry shared their point of views on a variety of topics throughout all the days of the fair. If you missed us in Dallas, catch some of these talks on the Convo By Design podcast.

About Convo By Design:

Convo By Design, the podcast celebrating Southern Califronia’s rich diverse and incredibly talented design and architecture community since 2013. Get in on the conversation on the ‘socials’ and subscribe to the show everywhere you find your favorite podcasts.

About Wescover:

Wescover is a platform to shop for unique, meaningfully made items. Each piece is sold by the original Creator so you can directly support artists & designers you believe in.

Unique designs are personal— and so is the experience of buying one. Many pieces on Wescover are ready to ship, while others are made-to-order, customizable, or 100% collaborations between you and the Creator. Connect over your vision and share your budget to see which Creator can make something just for you.


Age of Influence | Media Strategies for Creatives

Every successful creative knows the importance of having a professional digital presence. Keeping up with trends and changing algorithms, coupled with creating engaging content can be tedious and time-consuming. Learn marketing strategies and best practices for image editing, copyrighting and video creation to best showcase your work through social media. You will also learn media training skills like how to craft your professional introduction on camera. Don’t miss this engaging conversation filled with tips to take your promotional content to the next level.

Moderated by: Josh Cooperman, Convo By Design
Featuring: Sara Malek Barney, BANDD/DESIGN; and Melanie Venture, The Dove Agency

The Pivot | Adjusting Design Business Strategies for Changing Times

How are you adapting to the design business changes brought on by the past 2 years? Are you working harder than ever before? Are you constantly checking on delivery dates, and specifying and re-specifying due to repricing and discontinuations? Wondering how to capture a bigger audience in social media, and upgrade your clientele? Are you wondering if this is the right time to scale back, scale up or merge with another firm? If so, you’re not alone. These questions are on the mind of most if not every design professional today. Join the conversation to hear from designers who have scaled up, scaled down, and successfully adapted to the changing business climate.

Moderated by: Sara Malek Barney, BANDD/DESIGN
Featuring: Ann Jackson, Ann Jackson Art; and Laura Umansky, Laura U Design Collective

Perspectives: Design One on One with Chad Dorsey

Chad Dorsey has established himself as one of the top designers in the business today, with offices in both Dallas and Los Angles. Trained as an architect, Dorsey’s approach captures the relationship between space and architecture to create maximum impact for his clients. Influenced by travel and his roots in music, automobiles and growing up in Tennessee, Chad will share his style of “relaxed luxury”, and the lessons learned along the path of his design journey.

Moderated by: Josh Cooperman, Convo By Design
Featuring: Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Standing Out
Presented by WESCOVER

Join us for an intimate chat with interior designers Kristin Marino of Austin based KozyKasa and Byron Risdon of Byron Risdon LLC in Washington DC. Find out how they are pushing the envelope through their innovative approach to design. They will be joined by Kevin Wildes of Oakland based sustainable furniture brand Model No along with Dallas based textile artist Nosheen Iqbal. All these creatives share a passion for supporting local artisans, craftsmanship and sustainability. Learn how these designers stand out by thinking outside the box and sourcing unique and thoughtfully designed products for their projects.
Moderated by: Hilary Sessions, Head of Partnerships + PR at WESCOVER
Featuring: Kristin Marino, KozyKasa; Byron Risdon, Byron Risdon LLC; Kevin Wildes, Model No; and Nosheen Iqbal, WESCOVER Creator

Curated Conversations: Art + Design
Presented by Patron Magazine

Art and design go hand in hand. Learn from the experts how to seamlessly incorporate your art collection (no matter how big or small) into your interior design.

Moderated by: Terri Provencal,  Patron Magazine
Featuring: Claire Crowe, Claire Crowe Collection; Eddie Maestri, Maestri Designs; Botond Laszlo, MHM Design; Simon Waranch, Artist; and Ree Willaford, Galleri Urbane

Designing for Wellness Inside and Out

The concept of ‘healthy design’ is a constantly evolving idea as new technology comes to market and the ideas behind living healthy change. In years past, it was low off-gassing materials and VOC paints, then sleep chambers crafted for a high quality sleeping experience. As the pandemic continues to change the way we live, so has the idea that defines what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Crafting luxury living both inside and out has become a universal goal to capture as much usable space while exploring ways to make that space perform in new ways.
Moderated by: Brenda Houston, Brenda Houston Design
Featuring: Christina Garcia, Layered Dimensions; Shelly Rosenberg, Acorn & Oak; and Philip Vanderford, Studio Thomas James

Perspectives: Design One on One with Ryan Saghian

Internationally renowned and award winning designer, Ryan Saghian has been the designer of choice for elite clientele that include actors, musicians and athletes. How does the design change when your client is a 7 foot tall NBA player or a jet setting actor who will only use the space 4 weeks during the year? Ryan has a gift for translating luxury into exquisitely designed homes that are personalized for the individual client’s tastes and lifestyle. Enjoy a chat with one of the most expressive and exciting designers working today. Following the talk, Ryan will be signing copies of his new book, Unapologetically Chic.

Moderated by: Josh Cooperman, Convo By Design
Featuring: Ryan Saghian, Ryan Saghian Interior Design

Your Canvas For Outdoor Memories

Join this fun, engaging and interactive presentation led by Urban Bonfire’s Co-Founder and President, Ryan Bloom, on how to turn decks, backyards and rooftops into activated outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces. Learn about trends, best practices in design, materials, cooking appliances and countertop surfaces to maximize design, creativity, and longevity. This is… Your Kitchen Outdoors.

Featuring: Ryan Bloom, Co-Founder and President, Urban Bonfire

Perspectives: Design One on One with Sherry Hayslip

Multi-award-winning interior designer Sherry Hayslip has earned a stellar reputation for her innovative designs, sophisticated style, personal approach, and the multi-faceted way she tackles every project. “Art history, aesthetics, and philosophy—these are fundamental aspects found in all of our work,” says Hayslip. She understands the value of taking the time to find one of-a-kind pieces, selecting the perfect art, and finding ways to translate the desired mood and tone for each space to create residences that are both beautifully grand yet still feel like home.

Hayslip’s interiors can be found around the world, from Sonoma and Cape Cod to the Caribbean islands. Her work has been published in Veranda, Elle Décor, Southern Lady, D Home, Modern Luxury, and PaperCity. She was also a featured designer in the inaugural Dallas Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

Moderated by: Josh Cooperman, Convo By Design
Featuring: Sherry Hayslip, Sherry Hayslip Interiors

Kitchen Confidential: New Trends for the Modern Luxury Home

Join us for an insightful discussion exploring high-end kitchen design trends and learn how to navigate the intersection of all things technology, thoughtful design and culinary innovation.

Moderated by: Megan Reilly, WestEdge Design Fair
Featuring: Savannah Lindau, Signature Kitchen Suite and Jennifer Mueller, Jennifer Mueller Designs

Perspectives – Design One on One with Benjamin Johnston

Benjamin is a true Texas design talent. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Texas A&M and his Masters of Architecture from University of Texas at Austin. He spent time in Japan working with Cesar Pelli & Associates, but as every good Texan does, came home to helm his eponymous firm. Now based in Houston, Benjamin’s firm has worked on projects in 9 countries, 12 states and 27 cities around the world. Join us for a one on one conversation as Ben takes us inside his firm and through the work that catapulted them onto the international design stage.

Moderated by: Josh Cooperman, Convo By Design
Featuring: Benjamin Johnston, Benjamin Johnston Design